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Financing a solar plant in Bir el Gabal to ensure the power, water supply, and farmland fertilization for several egyptian extended families

We need your help so that this cultural and inter-religious project can succeed.

18 hectars of grassland in Bir el Gabal\Dakhla and a hospitable place to be supplied throughout the year since april 2015 by a solar powered pump with water. This will in future largely feed 8 extended famlies, who transformed by the economic slump in egypt with great hope and hard labor rocky desert soil into fertile farmland. This was hitherto threatened repeatedly by the lack of electricity and thus the water supply for plants, animals and humans. Through intensive personal commitment of all and through the help of friends this necessary facility could be built and partly funded. Desert soil is fertile if he gets water. And fertile land provides hope for food and survival. So closed about 7 years ago eight extended families and the Bir el gabal guesthouse to use community together and leased desert land by the government.

Being myself near run a seminar house for 12 years and live in the winter months on the spot, close to my friendship with the local residents at heart. And also their concerns and needs are very familiar to me. Together we succeeded in that time with the financial support of the friends Bir el Gabal from Germany to let drilling a new well. Meanwhile, about 15 hectars of desert soil are transformed into agricultural land in laborious work using all available resources. The work on the still stony fields is arduous, but the first harvest are retracted and the hedges, which are intended to provide protection from the sandstorms in the summer, now grow slowly zoom.

To the fields to feed regularly with water, a generator was used, because the power supply was very unreliable. But, after the economic collapse in the wake of the revolution diesel for generator was either unable to be obtained or prohibitively expensive. The energy through maintainance of the egyptian people, despite many setbacks, is admirable repeatedly. We were looking for an effective and sustainable solution. We have gladly taken so, despite all the financial uncertainty, the offer of a young egyptian solar company to draw up a significantly large photovoltaic system on the existing site and test. It also serves as a demonstrations site for other interested parties to solar energy.

Meanwhile, this system works well, and in this extremely hot summer of 2015, the water supply was secured for the first time. Mr. Shaffik from the guest house is at the same time also an agricultural engineer. He has very incorporated in the new technology and time again it leads interested farmers, who are interested in photovoltaics, through the terrain, to promote this new sustainable energy supply. By using a cirlce of friends, and a grant from the german embassy in Cairo, the very praised the project, we were able to acquire the plant and so far apply about half of the cost of 45,000 € for the voltaic.

With their shared joy and commitment can succeed this pilot project. It will encourage people locally in the fact that courage and commitment pay off, and at the same time, the project can become a model for the development of sustainable energy in the oasis of Egypt. We are full of confidence. Thank you for your cooperation.

And, by the way, Dakhla is one of the most scenic and charming oasis in Egypt. It will leave an impression you will never forget. It will be worthwhile that you can visit your project site and be enchanted by the beauty of the desert landscape and the charm of the oasis.

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